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Shark Attack

One thing you definitely don’t have to worry about at a water park is seeing a shark cruise by while you’re trying to work on your tan. In fact that’s one of the best reasons to choose a day at Hurricane Harbor over a day at the beach. Oh wait, four sharks have just been spotted over by Commotion Ocean. Lucky for you, this is one shark sighting you’ll be thrilled about. Shark Attack is a four-slide complex of high-speed ultra-twisty tube slides. Take your pick of green, red, blue, or orange. Just like those big fearsome fish in the ocean, each one has its own personality, but all are guaranteed to deliver maximum bite.

Ride on a single person raft or grab a double if you’ve got a friend along to help you battle the sharks. On these ultra-fast tube slides, you’ll feel light as air as you’re cutting through curves and careening over sudden drops with the wind in your hair.

All four slides have both enclosed and open-air sections, which will make you feel like a big fish leaping into the air from time to time, before you slice back into long step curving descents. All four eject you with a final steep chute that drops you in the pool with a huge splash. You wouldn’t experience any of this on a day at a boring old beach.

By The Numbers

Proslide Technology
Year Introduced
45 Feet
Track Length
308 Feet

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Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Hurricane Harbor

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