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What may look at first glance to be a light-hearted family ride will turn out to be one of the most outrageously awesome gut-twisters you’ll experience all day. In fact, many thrill fans regard Buzzsaw as one of the best kept secrets in the park. Get ahead of the curve and get ready to cut into some incredible fun.

The enormous structure itself boggles the mind, with its sawmill machinery theme on an epic scale. An all-wood gondola platform sits on four gargantuan pivoting arms. There’s plenty of room for you and a few dozen of your closest personal friends to all grab a seat.

Once those arms start swinging, they’ll raise up your platform towering in the sky, swinging up and back like a pendulum – but this pendulum is out of control. As you gain momentum, the swings get higher and higher, until you finally round a complete 360 and go swooping back down the other side.

The G-force you’ll be taking is nothing short of incredible. Those wild Gs are what make the Buzzsaw experience a fan favorite year in, year out. Seriously, is this contraption training you to be a lumberjack or an astronaut?

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Location in Park: 

South End near Splash Water Falls

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